The Ore Dock BotEco Center

Our goal is to create a special place on Marquette's waterfront that achieves a sustainable balance of educational, recreational and commercial uses.

1) Ecological Education and Research Facilities
2) Year-round Indoor Botanical Gardens
3) Historical Preservation and Education
4) Community Spaces


Preservation Goal

Begin with an historic and industrial site on a formerly working lakefront that

has fallen into disuse.

Mine the site’s history and industrial psychology.


Redevelopment/Transformation Keystone

Integrate redevelopment with city master plan.

Link new amenities with Lower Harbor and Founder’s Landing areas.

Create complementary development in relation to other city landmarks and



The ore dock is around 970 feet long; building a public promenade adds over 2,000 feet of waterfront to the area.

Folks like the look of the ore dock and have interest in preserving it’s architectural character.

For now, public access is only available as back ground in photo opportunities.

In 2014 a city-financed structural study found the Ore Dock is in good condition. Read more at our news link.